• VWR Scirocco R Rear Double Exit Rear Exhaust System  (Cat-Back)

VWR Scirocco R Exhaust


A stunning Rear Exhaust upgrade for the Scirocco R, designed to fit the rear bumper cut-outs perfectly.

The Rear System of the exhaust system replaces the standard exhaust from the catalytic converter back to the tailpipes, and offers a substantial weight-saving over standard.  In our tests, this will release another 5-10 bhp from the car which is ideally suited to either a standard car or a Stage 1 engine Power Upgrade.   It has been carefully refined to never give boomy or intrusive sound levels in the cabin at motorway speeds, yet to give the engine sound a much richer exhaust note when revved and driven harder.

Scirocco R Exhaust back

The twin tailpipes are attractive yet discreet, with a larger diameter pipe than the standard car, and the ‘R’ logo etched onto each.  It’s been designed to perfectly fit the cut-outs in the standard rear R bumper.

For the R, a choice of chrome or ceramic black finishes are available.

For the ultimate performance, and to release the higher power outputs , the Rear System has to be fitted in conjunction with the  Front System  (to make the Full System referred to around this site).  The Rear Section can be upgraded to the Full System at any time as it fits with both the standard and high-flow front systems.

VWR Front & Rear Exhaust Layout


All our exhausts are entirely road legal, with only a limited increase in decibel levels.  More important for us has been to find the optimum efficiency and through this, to deliver a richer and more pleasing exhaust note.  The exhausts are made from aircraft-grade stainless steel to the very highest standards.

Our exhausts mount onto all of the standard car’s mounting points, meaning no modifications are required to fit the exhaust, or even replace it with the standard one in future. Similarly, no changes are required for your rear bumper/valance for fitting.

This rear exhaust system can be fitted to any non-R Scirocco, as long as the R rear bumper is fitted.

Note – for any customer who already has the Rear System, the Front System can be purchased and fitted retrospectively at any time.

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VWR Scirocco R Rear Double Exit Rear Exhaust System (Cat-Back)

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