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The Monoblock Big Brake Upgrade brings the highest levels of brake technology to your Volkswagen, and gives a real supercar look and feel in the braking department. The lightweight Monoblock construction is usually reserved for the highest-specification motorsport kits, being vastly stiffer and lighter than the original calipers. Meanwhile, a much bigger, fully-floating disc and enlarged pad area gives greater heat capacity, thus reducing the effect of fade, whilst the braided steel brake lines reduce the compliance in the braking system to ensure firm pedal response under all conditions.

It’s important to understand that this is a kit developed exclusively for the Golf 7 platform (and the other cars on this MQB platform such as A3, Leon etc), and the Golf 5/6 and Scirocco (plus VAG A5 platform) vehicles.  Unlike many brake upgrades which are required to fit across many different marques, a great deal of development work went into ensuring a beautiful, progressive brake pedal feel to perfectly match the VWG master cylinders and servo hardware.  Many aftermarket kits give a very ‘grabby’ pedal response, making the car very hard to drive smoothly, and brake response very hard to modulate – the VWR kit avoids this problem. 

Full Kit





  • 360mm x 32mm 
  • High quality / high mass, cast iron 
  • Fully floating design
  • Directional curved cooling vanes 
  • Curved scraper slots


  • CNC Machined billet 
  • Sprung silent running, floating design 
  • Laser etched handed bells
  • True-Loc hub adaptor system
  • True-Loc hub adaptors available in 5, 7 & 10mm sizes
  • CNC machined from 6082T6 billet 
  • Mono-bloc caliper design
  • Just 53.8% of the weight of the original Golf 7R caliper
  • High temperature square cut race-spec seals
  • Hard anodised aluminium pistons 
  • Stainless steel link pipe 
  • Staggered Piston sizes, for better pad wear and bite
  • Anodised or powder-coated finished
  • Red, Black, Blue and Ti-Anodised as standard, custom colours on request 
  • CNC Machined, anodised mounting brakets
  • Stainless braided brake pipes
  • Bolt kit
  • High performance fast road 


The 6-piston front calipers bring monoblock construction to ensure they are extremely stiff under stress and heat, ensuring precise and consistent braking performance.  Monoblock technology – a solution used successfully in the highest levels of motorsport – means that the caliper body is machined from a single billet of cast aluminium to ensure outstanding stiffness.  Usually the preserve of extremely expensive motorsport kits, for the first time we can offer this at a competitive price for Volkswagen owners.

Single Caliper Front




Original Golf 7 R caliper weight:    7.15kg / 15.76lb
VWR Monoblock caliper weight:    3.85kg / 8.49lb
(weights without pads)

The caliper design features pistons of differing diameters to ensure even pressure distribution across the whole pad surface. Unlike many braking upgrades on the market today, light braking under daily driving will not result in a
‘grabby’ or harsh, on/off braking feeling. This is because our braking system is specific to the VWG MQB & A5 platform cars, and is carefully matched to the original master cylinder and brake servo assistance levels. This ensures pedal feel is nearly identical to the original brakes in normal driving conditions, yet capable of providing tremendous stopping power in demanding environments.

The monoblock calipers are machined from a solid billet of lightweight aluminium and designed to house large brake pads. The monoblock construction gives the highest levels of stiffness available ensuring consistently firm pedal to help combat the negative effects of caliper flex, allowing improved force distribution and reduced vibration. Each unit features a thin caliper profile to aid in wheel clearance and weight savings while not sacrificing structural integrity, even in the most demanding environments.

Calipers are available in blue, black or red (carefully matched in to the OEM colours) along with a stunning new titanium-anodised finish, with the R Logo machined in.  We can also offer one-off colours at additional cost.                                               Caliper Pair


The brake discs (rotors) are of a ‘fully-floating’ design, usually only found only on high-level, high-cost motorsport applications.  

Disk Single Flat

What does this mean?  When the disc is subjected to high heat levels it expands at a different rate to the central mounting bell. By allowing it to ‘float’ separately from the mounting face it is free to expand and shrink again without being constrained by the mounting. In a floating design, when this expansion takes place it does so freely in all planes. Normal, non-floating discs prevent this from happening in one direction (by fixing it on its mounting face) meaning it has no choice but to warp.  

Fully-floating applications on motorsport cars are renowned for being noisy and rattly (which of course doesn’t matter on a full-race car).  But the VWR kit uses ‘silent running’ sprung mounts to avoid this rattle altogether.

Meanwhile, to reduce brake fade, the larger 360mm x 32mm ventilated and directionally-curved grooved 2-piece disc faces provide dramatically improved heat dissipation to give better braking, both in terms of pedal response and resistance to fade under hard use.  The ventilated design effectively dissipates heat while the curve-grooved surfaces clear gases released from the pads when hot. The 2-piece design reduces unsprung mass through the use of a lightweight aluminium bell, as is common in high-level motorsport brake applications.

Disk Pair Flat




Despite being very significantly larger, the VWR brake disc is lighter than the original stock disc:

Original Golf 7 R disc weight:        10.60kg / 23.37lb

VWR Fully-Floating disc weight:    9.50kg / 20.94lb



Flexi Hoses 2

The Brake Upgrade kit includes a pair of braided stainless steel brake lines to improve the braking system’s effectiveness and and resistance to fade over the original factory flexi-rubber lines. Rubber lines have a tendency to turn soft and expand when hot under heavy braking, creating a soft or spongy pedal feel. However, stainless steel lines remain solid and near-unchanged with heat, providing a more responsive and firm brake pedal.




Pads Set 2

Fast road brake pads are provided with each system. However, unlike many aftermarket brake kits, a standard pad size has been specified to allow you the ability to run your preferred brand and compound.




Brake Mounts Pair

Included in the Big Brake kit are strong, lightweight aluminium caliper carriers, to rigidly mount the brake calipers.


A very unique feature of our Braking System is the design of our ‘True-Loc’ Interlocking Hub Adaptors. The VWR Interlocking Hub Adaptors allow for full caliper clearance under almost all wheel designs, without the need for spacers.

TruLoc Hub-Adaptor-close-up

It’s a common problem with bigger brake systems. Many larger caliper sizes are simply too wide to fit under the original wheels (and even some aftermarket rims).  The ingenious Interlocking Hub Adaptors allow for an additional depths of 5mm, 7mm or 10mm depending on your application needs. Each adaptor precisely locks into the disc bell to ensure no unnecessary movement or vibration is created under acceleration and braking.

TruLoc Hub-Adaptor

This is a very important and unique benefit for owners.  Whether you occasionally swap wheels for your winter tyres, change rims between daily driving and track use, or may just choose to change wheel style in future – no matter what the size and offset you choose, a simple change of the ‘True-Loc’ Interlocking Hub Adaptor depth will allow you to swap wheels without swapping over the entire braking system.

Keep that in mind – be very careful about choosing any other big brake kit for your Volkswagen if you ever plan to change wheels!

These brakes are designed for 18″ and larger diameter wheels. Each Interlocking Hub Adapter is sold separately.


Through years of brutal testing in the Volkswagen Racing Cup on race-winning cars, our Braking System has proven to be a strong and reliable system for both street and track applications. Each system is manufactured in the UK to OEM ‘E-mark’ standards.  Full quality control and testing is carried out to ensure absolute quality.  Unusually for aftermarket brake upgrades, industry-standard tests such as million-cycle ABS pulse tests, and ultra-high pressure burst-testing is all carried out for your peace of mind.

We use exactly the same Brake Kit set up whether for road, track or race – for full race we simply use different, harder pads due to the high operating temperatures. We think there is no better proof of the kit’s performance and durability than that.

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VWR Monoblock Big Brake Upgrade (Complete Set)

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